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The new CAP10 Capnograph with sidestream technology fulfills all requirements you have in clinical and pre-clinical applications for monitoring a patient’s breath and CO2 status.

The bright, high resolution coloured TFT display shows the etCO2 value, the inCO2 value, the respiration rate and the capnogram.

The sample rate is adjustable between 60 and 150 ml/min, to allow usage on adults as well as on neonates.


Method                      :Sidestream Capnography

                                   Non dispersive infrared absorption with Two-point calibration (0% and 5% CO2)

Measuring Range      :0 ... 80 mmHg oder 0 ...10 %Vol

Accuracy                   :+/- 2 mmHg or maximum +/- 5 % of displayed value

Parameter                 :etCO2 and inCO2(mmHg, %Vol or kPA)

Calibration                :STPD („standard temp., pressure dry“)

Sample Rate              :50, 100 or 150 ml/min, regulated

Rise Time                  :< 400 ms at 100 ml/min

Water Separation     :Absorption filter with high capacity

Compensation          :For O2 (20 ...100 %) and N2O (0 ...80 %)

CO2 unit                    :mmHg, %Vol or kPa

Respiration Rate

Measuring Range     :0 ... 99 min-1

Accuracy                  :+/- 1 %

Averaging                 :over 8 respiration cycles



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